Shared vs User Mailbox

Shared mailbox – Shared mailbox is mainly used to allow logon access for multiple users.

  • The main difference between a user mailbox and a shared mailbox is that the shared mailbox is associated with a disabled user and therefore it is not possible to logon directly to the share mailbox account.
  • It is the same when multiple users use a user mailbox and a shared mailbox at the same time.
  • Exchange, by default, allows more users to connect to shared mailbox than User Mailbox that is shared by lot of person.
  • Permissions are managed by granting users “full access”, “send as” or “sand on behalf”.
  • Share mailboxes do not need a Office 365 licens or client CAL.

It can be difficult to get access to a Share mailbox from device using Active Sync and Android/iOS Outlook apps.

User Mailbox – Personal mailbox for a user or system.

  • A user mailbox can work as a shared mailbox, as long as you grant full mailbox access permission on the user mailbox to the other users. These users can log on the user mailbox. However, it is not recommended. For security concerns, if you want multiple users to log on one mailbox, please use a shared mailbox.
  • User mailboxes can be access by IMAP, POP, RPC, WebSerivce.
  • A valid Office 365/Client CAL is needed.

It is possible to convert a a mailbox to either Share or User (use ECP or Powerhell).

When working with Share mailboxes it can be a good thing to have a look at the to Powershell-cammands below.

Set-MailboxSentItemsConfiguration alias -SendAsItemsCopiedTo SenderAndFrom -SendOnBehalfOfItemsCopiedTo SenderAndFrom

Set-MailboxSentItemsConfiguration alias -SendAsItemsCopiedTo Sender -SendOnBehalfOfItemsCopiedTo Sender

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