Remove synced or CloudOnly Office 365 user

To remove a sync or cloud only user from Office 365:

Remove Cloud only User
remove-msoluser –userprincipalname

If the user is syned from OnPrem Active Directory remove the user from the sync scope or delete the user from the Active Directory.

Remove One User From The Recycle Bin:
Get-MsolUser -All -ReturnDeletedUsers | select-object UserPrincipalName,ObjectID
remove-msoluser –ObjectID OID -RemoveFromRecyclebin

Remove All the Users From the Cloud:
get-msoluser | remove-msoluser -force

Remove All the Users From the Recycle Bin:
get-msoluser –returndeletedusers -maxresults unlimited | remove-msoluser -removefromrecyclebin -force


More info can be found at:


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